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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  November 26, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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i just want to put this whole thing behind me. and does detective cortes feel the same way? oh, i guess we'll see. at the very least, this has proven the wisdom of continuously training in the combat arts. you do, of course, need to work on your defense. you allowed corteso land far too many punches. i did. but all that matters is that i landed the last one. and i won't let you out of my life... and i won't let you out of my life... captioning sponsored by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. captioned by media access group at wgbh just in time for holay shopping there are a couple of hot new tech gadgets out there.see if
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right now on cbs 2 ews ten at ten.get ready to shop, we're live as people in the corridor begin cashing in on black friday deals. the three things you need to know to survive in all the chaos. plus, the medicaid saga continues, why a judge is calling out one of the companies set to take charge of the program. and...the big bang,
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" blah blah " the iowa research now seen by millions thanks to a popular sitcom. now, the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weaer forecast in the first ten minutes. this is cbs 2 news 10 at 10. but first let's head to the weatatr center where terry swails i itracking a storm
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thank you terry, thanksgivingng is a day we set aside to spend with family and friends at the dinner table - maybe seeing relatives you haven't been with in a while.some choose to stay inside a cozy house - and *some wait outside in the cold pouring rain for deals on technology. that's where we find cbs 2 news reporter dora miller... miller...she's been talking
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with shoppers and joins us now...dora? your done eating your thanksgiving feast...or your team isisone playing...what's next for your family?it's rainy and cold and time to shop. shop. meet the first... first... "number one!"-- and second -- one who braved the weather to save a few bucks. bucks. "i needed a new tv and it was pretty cheap so and my neighbor needed one so i gave her mine and so we're both getting new tvs today." today.""800 dollar savings is enough to get me up off the couch to come here." apparently, it's enough to get a lot of pepele off the couch. uch. "what's a little rain, you know?" know?" "to save 200 dollars on a tv, you can't really beat that." that." "the great thing about opening up on thanksgiving day is that the customers have the opportunity to preview a lot of different items."they're coveveng the gogo deals and new friends -- but what about the food and family?our shoppers had that covered too. too. "i already did my thanksgiving fortunately so i didn't have one for today to
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i cocod come out today." today." "i don't have anywhere to go on thanksgiving day, i don't have parents or nothing so i'm good." good.""my daughter made us a beautiful lunch, we had it at noon, delicious food now we walk it off."so out o othe rain and inside we go...where the best buy team is hyped up and ready to go! "this year we really anticipate a lot of customers looking at the 4k tv, drones are gonna bebevery nice too, they're the hottest thing right now in the market and then we got a lot of tablets." tablets." "you got to take advantage when the prices are good." best buy will clososat one a- m...theyeyl re-open tomorrow at 8.covering the corridor in cedar rapids, dora miller cbs 2 news ten at ten thanks dora, many of those shoppers are looking for the latest in tech toys and gifts. buy says it's surveys show some old favorites - along with two brand neoptions will be at the top of the wish lis.the new e e-pad pro boasts a bigger screen , lighter
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finger - print security.and more than one million *drones are expected to be given as christmas gifts..they come with some fairly strtrt rules - but they promise amazing video and photos from a new perspective.and finally - best buy says - four - k - televisions are about to take off 7:23:04 " the resolution is beyond anything i've ever seen in my 14 years i've been working with best buy .. . 7:23:29 alot of it is still confusing because its still kind of new technology, but they are blown away with the actual picture quality. " campbell says net-flix is leading the way with more shows and content for the four - k technology and that's why customers are starting to take a serious look at the new televisions for ristmas. if you're in the mood to go a little shopping crazy, you have plenty of options in the corridor. while several stores opened their doors today, even more open in the early morning hours. so how do you survive the aos? experts say plan ahead: use apps that can help
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and send coupons. know what gifts you want and where you need to go t tget them - check k to see if the store offers a floor plan. and if you're really hoping to avoid throngs of people, shop from he. a lot of stores are offering the me sales in store and online. however, if you want to keep your money local - don't forget about small business saturday. entreprenuers across the corridor are prqparing and hoping shoppers get their wish- lilis checked off thisis weekend. small business saturday was thought-up five years ago by american express and has been embraced by business owners across the country ever since. now ten at ten continues with a look at tonight's other stories across the corridor. in iowa city, a man faces charges after authorities connected him to thefts of jewelry and electronics. police say 22-year-old bruno felipe is responsible for a burglary in june and another in september. authorities recently searched h home and found evidence that linked him
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and a frfrnd to several iowa city burglaries. they say he admitted to pawning stolen items but denies stealing them. police in cedar falls have charged a man with setting an early morning fire. at aboutut quarter to six this morning, crews were called to a fire at 615 iowa street. when they got there, they found three vehicles on fire and thought was suspicious. this afternoon, they arrested 30-year-old nicholas kollasch. he is now charged with arson and criminal mischief. a judge has weighed in on the governor's controversial medicaid plan.n. earlier this year, the governor announced the medicaid program that has been run by the state, would soon be run by four private companies. yesterday, a judge recommended the state throw out one of four of those contracts. she said well-care should have told state officials about fraud and mismanagement involving executives that were convicted last year. the ruling is a recommendation and the
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to appoint someone to review it and consider the next steps. most scientific research is conducted in the relative seclusion of laboratories. but a project aathe university of iowa has now been seen by millions. as matt hammill reports - that's after it appeared on the most popular show on television - right here on cbs-2 the three -d printers in this university of iowa physics lab have been running - around the clock since june. doctor james wetzel is finishing fhe last of one - hundred models - of the most sophistococed particle detector in the worldnats - (( 6:38:36 )) " this piece .... skreeeeeeeeech click .. just slides in like that. " the real thing - - is five stories high and sits in the middle of ththlarge hedron collider - in europe - - ((6:35:52)) where protons smash together to study the creation of the universe - - and - nat show - " big bang theory music . "the big bang theory.james nat (( 6:27:42 )) " and i was like
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.. there it is .. laughs .. i didn't know exactly where it was going to be but .. yea " look close - there in the livingroom - - on is hit show about geeky - but lovable physicists - - is one of the university of iowa - particle - detectors.nat show - " blah blah " wetzel is a fan - and says the show goes out of its way to use real science - - wrapped with humor.he says the fermi lab - that commissioned the models - sent two of them to hollywood .james - (( 6:29:50 )) " it's pretty cool actually .. i think it's great (( 6:30:10 )) .. to be able to penetrate from the science world into the sitcom world is kind of a neat thing to show there really isn't a boundry as much as we think. " nat short leord " blah blah " doctor wetzel says big bang - has captured the personalities of so many researchers - - and admits - he* identifies with leonard.nat - (( 6:37:11 )))) " the uuversity of iowa is responsible for designing this detector. " and even though - - only a hand-
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ful of people might learn about his work through science journals -- and twenty** million viewers h he seen it o oa sit com - - he's okay with that.james - (( 6:32:41 )) " ... to see it on cbs you know this big tv show and people using protons and electrons and the big bang theory ... (( 6:33:5 )) ... really amazing to see people talking about it every day you know at the water cooler. " keep your eye on bernadette's living room - the particle detector has been there for three episodes - - and hopefully will end as part of a story line. stay tuned.matt hammill cbs2 news. for 36 years a group in cedar rapids has made sure thanksgiving meals get to those in's a partnership between aging services and transamerica. today cbs 2 news reporter mellaney moore followed the story that involves s th thanan and giving. giving. natbefore heading to their own thanksgiving meals, volunteers
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packed turkey dinrs for others.kathy horan, aging services executive director 08:26:6: we've got over 800 meals going out, being delivered to people's homes this morning.12 of those meals are going with rick and marilene julich (julick)nat they've delivered meals to older adults in the community for 19 years.rick k lich, lunteer08:32:05 the energy everyone expends, you absorb that and it's more absorption by yourself than what you give. 08:44:44 our volunteers have just picked their meals and now we're going to follow them along on their deliveries.gary wells, meal recipient08:48:35a lot of people can't get out to get a meal and stuff and it's really nice that somebody can do this for peoplenatsmarilene julich, volunteer08:32:58 its good meeting people. they're always so appreciative when you come to the door with their turkey dinner.its a delivery of everything thanksgiving...turkey, potatoes and extended family. 08:33:04 you're just not dropping something off, you're saying happy thanksgiving. covering the corridor in cedar pids, mellaney moore, cbs 2
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news ten at ten. that is cbs 2 news ten at ten -- the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minutes. minutes.but we are just getting arted.comimi up... giving back, an iowa boy didn't want toys for his birthday, instead, he wanted to help his local heroes. what 15-hundred dollars and a kind heart did for ththankeny police
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the holiday shopping season is in full swing! swing!we'll be checking out some of the best deals, and what you need to know to get
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a police force in central iowa has more hehe tonight thanks to a five-year-old boy. instead of asking for gifts for his birthday, tristan sommerfeld asked for money for the k-9 fund. he donated about 15-hundred dollars and othersrs followed suit to help bring bosto from a rescue shelter to the ankeny police force. when he's not off-duty playing, bosco is trained to help find missing people and drugs. (tristan, raised money for bosco) "he can find lost kids." (amber sommerfeld, tristan's mother) "it's paying it forward and gifting to the community and the superheroes we call the police and the fire department and the people that serve.. serve.e.this week, tristan was on hand to welcome his pal to the police force. when he grows up, tristan says he wants to be an officer, too. you can follow bosco on instagram at bosco- underscore-k-9. next on c-b-s two news...the
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image seen 'round the world, a refugee from syria is making headlines for e gift he gives to the country that took him in. we show you the image capturing the web. when they told me that i was diagnosed with cancer, all i could think of was my kids
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and that i didn't want to leave them. i beat cancer, but it is still scary. now i have a pre-existing condition. so, if republicans take away obamacare, breast cancer survivors like me could be denied coverage. if hillary's in the white house, she's going to continue obamacare, so that i don't have to worry anymore. i trust her, and i know she's going to fight for all of us. i'm hillary clinton,
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the e ite house was on a brief lockdown today after another person tried to jump the fence. secret service says the jumper was caught right away and a security sweep was conducted. this comes amid heightened security concerns after the paris terror attacks. in brussels, officials have removed the maximum security threat level that has kept the city on edge. authorities there say the capipil is no longereracing imminent threats although they are still searching for suspects linked to the paris terror attacks.
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meanwhile, the presidents of france and russia met today to discuss coordinating their attacks on isis. meanwhile, russia may take it's anger at turkey out through economic retaliation. the russian prime minister ordered the government to draw up measures measuresesthat would include freezing investment projects and restricting imports to turkey. turkish officials responding by calling the threats emotional and unfitting. world leaders have urged both sides to avoid escalation, especially as countries try to battle the islamic state. a syrian refugee is feeding the homeless as a way of giving ththks for safe haven. alex assali fled termoil in syria and found himself in berlin. he says the germans were kind to him and to pay them back, he began setting up meal s stions around the ty to feed the homeless. recently, a friend snapped a photo at one of his stations and the message of giving to
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pope francis is in africa tonight, spreading a message of peace but also sending a warning to the world. after an historic, first mass in africa, he delivered an address on the environment. the pontiff said it would be catastrophic if special interests won-out over the common good during the upcoming climate change conference in paris. as head of the church, he's placed environmental issues in the spotlight and hopes worldld leaders work together to stop climate change. and coming up in sports... the heroes game tomorrow in lincoln -- the keys to victory
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"cbs 2 news co it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i i prove this message.
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darth vader ending up being luke's father shocked the world. one direction's recent hiatus broke hearts around the globe. but brett favre going to minnesota? that... that struck a chord that has only recently healed. today a positive step on the road to forgiveness... favre.. going with the casual look as he received the key to the city of green bay this morning... his iconic number four retired tonight duriri ththbears-packers game... the bears are up on that one, 17 to packers 13. the big game for many in the midwest comes after the turkey, the pie, even the post-food coma nap. . e heroes gamemebetween iowa and nebraska a rivalry game--but this year with plenty of other implications. and the
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hawkeyes will have completed an undefeated regular season for the first timemein school history... but the cornhuskers need a win to get into a bowl game... and with a highly touted defense that's slayed giants like michigan state already... tomorrow could be a battle of the trenches in lincoln... "i think they're strength -- i mean as an offensive lineman perspective -- is their d- tackles. they're big bodies. they work. they're fast. they're physical. and this is gonna be our greatest task this year." year.""they got an nfl defensive line. period.... so that's gonna be a big match-up--a tough match-up for us 'cause their ends are big and physical guys, too. and good players--active--so, they've done a really good job against the run so something's gonna have to give." the iowa men's basketball team down in orlando for the weekend...facing dayton... hottest shooter on e floor.. jared uthoff... for three got 'em... he was knocking those down all day...and so was his teammate pete jok.... jok collects his own rebound and nails the jumper ... utho
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and jok combined for 25 points s in thehefirst half...uthoff's hot shooting kept the hawks in it early.. the three there to extend the lead....but from there the flyers took over... dayton stay with c-b-s two -terry has one last look at your forecast after the break. jeb bush: here's the truru you will not hear from our presisint: we are at war
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with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate o the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global c clition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible
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